From its inception, Entasis always had a goal to deliver Great design to its buyers and clients. Above everything else, creating Great Architectural Design is the main driver and motivator at Entasis Group. Entasis decided Break free from the uninspired workplaces and residences that were built around town . The goal was to create and deliver Architecturally significant buildings that did not exist previously in the market. Delivering bold and fresh ideas and rethinking how we live and work through Architecture. Your work and live space Reimagined.

Entasis Group is an award-winning modern architecture and development firm, nationally recognized as a top name in building design. With a growing global client base, this team of brothers has innovated and modernized cities all over, presenting fresh and refined ideas that are sure to make a statement. Started by brothers Brian and Aaron Ojala, Entasis Group specializes in developing premier modern architecture in the residential and commercial world. Primarily working in the Denver metro area and soon, San Diego. Entasis Group has designed and developed over $100 Million dollars of Real Estate and currently has $40 Million dollars of AUM.



Brian Ojala is an architect, co-founder, and partner at Entasis Group. With over 25 years of experience in modern architecture, construction, and design, Brian’s prolific career has given him the ability to work to inspire and innovate with every new project.

Brian’s career has also afforded him multiple esteemed awards and honors, including winning the coveted “Home of the Year” honor twice, as well as: Award from the American Institute of Architects for Design Excellence, Top 40 under 40 Business Professionals by the Denver Business Journal, Top Architecture Firm, and Top Business News Maker of the Year by the Denver Business Journal. He’s made several appearances in modern media and publications as well, being featured in: LUXE, Colorado Homes & LifeStyles, Modern in Denver, and Colorado Expressions Magazine.
Brian holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado– Boulder, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado – Denver . He is also NCARB certified and Licensed to practice Architecture in the State of Colorado and Florida. Brian has extensive experience and a deep understanding of Business, Finance, and Economics.

Brian has also has used his years of experience to give back to the communities that fostered his career, mentoring young people interested in business and modern architecture. Brian will also be starting online Courses called “The Architect Reimagined” to help other architects take control of their designs and financial future. In the near future, Brian will be heading up the Southern California office, bringing his expert eye to the West Coast.


Aaron Ojala is a construction and management specialist, co-founder, and partner of Entasis Group. With over 25 of years experience in construction and design, he is the matching counterpart to Brian’s architectural eye. Aaron was awarded the coveted “Custom Home of the Year” by the Home Builders Association and was also ranked in the top “40 under 40 Business Professionals” by the Denver Business Journal. Aaron has extensive commercial construction experience that enables Entasis to expand and grow as a firm. He is a licensed builder in Denver, as well as several other jurisdictions, allowing him to command and create all over the country. Aaron is also an Energy Star Certified Builder, giving him the power to create innovative energy-efficient homes and buildings. With a Master of Design in Build Discipline, his nonstop drive and expert focus is plain to see. As Entasis expands to include commercial real estate under its scope of services, Aaron will be in charge of heading up the new Real Estate Development Division. Take your business to new heights at an available Entasis property today.