Project is completely SOLD OUT
Contemporary Professional Workspace
Location: Westminster, Colorado  (10 min north of Downtown Denver)
Architect: Brian Ojala | Entasis Group
Builder: Aaron Ojala | Entasis Group
Developer: Entasis Group
Status: Completed 2017
Contact: Brian Ojala  720.309.1151

Unit breakdown:
Unit 1 : Sold
Unit 2 : Leased
Unit 3 : Sold
Unit 4 : Sold
Unit 5 : Sold
Unit 6 : Sold
Unit 7 : Sold
Unit 8 : Sold
Unit 9 : Sold
Unit 10 : Sold

We’re sorry, it seems this Entasis project is off the market. Check out our other available properties, and stay tuned to see our new designs in development.

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The new best-selling home of Entasis Group

The Urban Box set the tone for all future real estate ventures from Entasis Group. By selecting a prime location in the business district of Westminster, Colorado, they created a modern architectural workspace that was sure to make a statement. With 10 modern commercial condos featuring minimal design and modern details, the Urban Box was designed with today’s modern business owner in mind. Destined to become the mecca for booming business in Westminster, the Urban Box completely sold out in no time, with all 10 units being leased or sold to a variety of up-and-coming businesses. 

Learn more about this real estate venture, and make your office the next Entasis success story by checking out the available properties page.


The purpose of the Urban Box project was to create unique, flexible incubator spaces for small businesses.  Each business has their own identity, signage, parking, and private space for sale and lease.

There are 10 commercial condo units ranging from 1,300 SF to 4,000 SF. The project sold out before completion.

Entasis Group was the architect, builder, and developer of the project.  Entasis was able to dictate every step of the design, quality, and costs of the project using the “architect-led developer” concept.

Entasis also occupies one of the units as its own office.

The site is an infill project. The units have minimal finishes such as polished concrete, exposed mechanical ducts, exposed concrete, glass, and steel. The costs are affordable, allowing every business to participate.  Entasis Group coordinated with local craftsmen and artists to achieve unique architectural details and maintain superior quality architecture. The project was also mentioned as a ‘top project” at the Mayor’s Institute on City Design (MICD) in California.  The condo units are fully open in the front and back, with sliding glass doors to allow natural ventilation and plenty of light. This creates an indoor-outdoor work lifestyle, opening up the space to the beautiful Colorado landscape. Interior glass partitions also expand and contract, providing flexible uses within each unit. The project is attached to a green belt, giving tenants the freedom to ride bikes or walk to the office. The units use 75% less energy than a typical office condo.

The project has attracted users from all professions and backgrounds, ranging from lawyers to hipster digital graphic companies. Using premier modern raw materials such as raw concrete, metal, glass, and marble creates a distinct one-of-a-kind modern enclave.

Photography: Ron Ruscio
Aerial photos + videos: Rim Studios | Christian Ojala |
This work is the intellectual property of Entasis Group, protected under copyright law 2019.

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