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Discover the innovative vision of Brian Ojala for your modern house plans

When you’re developing your next modern house plans, it can be a complex and convoluted process. With the countless specialists and man hours that go into a custom home, finding an acclaimed architect that puts innovation and personalization first can seem like a losing battle. With Brian Ojala, Architect P.C., you can feel inspired and motivated to bring your dream home to life.

By pushing the boundaries of architecture and design, Brian has been innovating modern house plans for over 20 years. Specializing in custom luxury homes with forward thinking and timeless value, his expert eye is unrivaled in the industry.

Brian Ojala has been designing and developing premier luxury homes for over 20 years, 2 of which were awarded the coveted “Home of the Year” honor. His statement work continues to prove time and time again that his vision is boundless and untouchable. Creating modern house plans in the scenic state of Colorado has been a leading inspiration with his designs, invoking the natural beauty of the mountain landscape to bring out the architectural refinement of his work. Using open spaces with smooth glass structures and contemporary balconies brings in the majestic beauty of the surrounding environment, while elevating it with elegant accents and monumental structures.

Brian Ojala of Entasis Group has extended his expert eye to homes and commercial spaces all over the country, contributing to his national and global recognition. With several custom modern house plans in development in California and Colorado, Brian’s prolific career is ever-growing and evolving as he changes the architectural world, one project at a time. In the near future, he will be taking his expertise to the west coast, when he commands the upcoming Entasis office in San Diego.

Using modernism and green technology, Brian fuses the two worlds of creativity and sustainability to create something truly original. By harnessing the power of solar energy, net-zero buildings, and other energy-efficient endeavors, Brian delivers modern house plans that impress and innovate. His designs and ideas have saved countless homeowners thousands on electric bills, while delivering stunning displays of contemporary creation and timeless charm.

Contact Brian Ojala, Architect P.C. today to take your modern house plans to new heights. And, if you’re looking to modernize the way you work and create, look to Entasis Group for leading commercial real estate design and development. Brian works privately on modern house plans, while Entasis Group collaborates on commercial properties and real estate.

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