The OH House + Studio

Location: Broomfield, CO
Architect: Brian Ojala | Entasis Group
Builder: Entasis Group
Featured in Colorado Expression Magazine
Featured in Modern In Denver Magazine
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Sustainable simplicity with cutting-edge design

Designed and built in 2014, the Oh House in Broomfield, CO is the true expression of Entasis Group’s core values. Fusing modern shape and form with forward-thinking technology is at the heart of all Entasis work, and the Oh House proves that. With an immense 6,300 SF of space to design and create, the architect-builder team knew they had to innovate and improve upon their modern homes of the past.

Freeing up the space while bringing in the beauty of the outdoors was the motivation behind the glossy glass exterior that wraps around the entirety of the home. Adding a sleek edge of modernism, the glass walls reveal the delicate details of the interior of the home while creating a breathtaking view of the Colorado landscape.

Taking advantage of the sun angle, Entasis meticulously designed the roof overhang depths by using the power of the earth’s rotation. By calculating the altitude and azimuth of the autumnal equinox and vernal equinox, Entasis harnessed the capabilities of math and science to create a truly innovative and original design. With this roof concept, the Sun heats the house all day in the winter, and the rays are obstructed in the summer. With a strategic natural cross ventilation design, and skylights for natural light, this passive solar design is cost-efficient, saving over $4,000 in utility expenses every year. The homeowners spend no more than $80 on electric bills every month, truly innovating and improving upon every aspect of the modern home experience.

Photography: mbrstudios | Brian Ojala
This work is the intellectual property of Entasis Group, protected under copyright law 2019.

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