The Holly House

Location: Cherry Hills Village, CO
Architect: Brian Ojala | Entasis Group
Builder: RC Brown
Published in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine this summer
Published in Colorado Expression Magazine

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Timeless charm with forward thinking

When designing the Holly House, Entasis set out to develop the full scope of modern home design. From the home, landscape, and hardscape, to the built-in furniture and trim, there wasn’t a stone left unturned.

From the very beginning of this project, the end goal was to create an integrated and modern home design that had never been seen before. Above that, Entasis wanted to develop a modern home design that truly served the owners for years to come. With the spearhead of the project focusing on timeless value and long-standing innovation, Entasis conducted meticulous hours of research and planning to ensure that every detail was up to their standards.

Along the way, Entasis crafted endless hand sketches to share ideas with a team of 30+ Colorado craftsmen, helping elevate the design and clarify every detail. Avoiding trendy products that would soon become obsolete, they strategized modern home design details that were ahead of the times, instead of for them.


Superior design down to the last detail

The attention to detail for this modern home design was unprecedented, developing forward-thinking solutions that ensure timeless value and appeal. Using Cedar siding with a custom blend of stain, as well as copper fascias that naturally weather over time, are a few displays of the dedication and drive behind this timeless home. Entasis also strategically selected Quartz tile for the walls, which was custom cut to a desired pattern on site, providing a one-of-a-kind personal touch. Durable steel and glass were also implemented in the design to open up the space and add innovative, yet enduring elements.

At the forefront of the modern home design is the breezeway, which Entasis developed to become a standout architectural aspect of the Holly House. In addition to timeless charm and innovation, Entasis sought to create a space that provided stunning views of the mountain range, and the breezeway is the most clear illustration of that. With a lengthy, yet thin modern home design built to provide crystal clear views of the Rockies, the breezeway is the true essence of this endeavor. This immaculate space is free of decoration or furniture, needing no distraction from its refined form and endless value.

With each and every Entasis modern home design, the team sets out to not only create better buildings, but a better world. Their core value of developing energy-conscious and sustainable living is unwavering, and the Holly House is no different. With a net zero energy output, the amount of energy used is equal to the amount of energy created, allowing you to live a sustainable and clean life. With a 13 KW Photovoltaic System that harnesses solar energy to power up your home, the Holly House takes a pivotal step into the future.

Drone Video: Rim Studios | Christian Ojala 
Photography:Ron Ruscio | Brian Ojala
This work is the intellectual property of Entasis Group, protected under copyright law 2019.

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