Evergreen Modern

Location: Evergreen, CO
Architect: Brian Ojala | Entasis Group
Builder: Aaron Ojala | Entasis Group
Awarded “Custom Home of the Year” in 2009 by the Home Builder’s Association
AIA Award Winner
Featured in Modern in Denver Magazine
Featured in Colorado Expression Magazine

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Energy-efficient solutions with endless innovation

The modern home also harnesses green technology, using the natural solar orientation of the location to absorb sun light on all sides of the home. With a 15 degree counterclockwise rotation, the sunlight radiates bright even in winter. Keeping this shining simplicity in mind, Entasis implemented a photovoltaic-adaptable roof with the ability to create solar energy.
Continuing to utilize the endless benefits of the rustic surroundings, the modern home uses evergreen trees for natural shading in the summer. And when the winter chill hits the hills, the energy-efficient hydronic radiant floor systems circulate heat throughout. The goal of capturing the natural beauty of the surrounding Evergreen forests was taken literally as well, with reclaimed timbers implemented throughout the modern home’s structure.

To elevate the design with custom details and personal touches, many of the derivative elements were individually designed on site. All of the modern home’s doors, both in the entryway and garage, were designed, cut to size, and built on the property to ensure seamless fitting and form. The same customized process was used for the stone patterns, trim, metal work, stair treads and stringers, continuing to echo the attention to detail with every task. Also custom-created were the handrails, siding, windows, countertops, bathroom cabinetry, and outdoor bridge. With every fine detail, ranging from the kitchen counter materials to the complete design, Entasis tackled every project with rustic simplicity and refined design.

Paradise found in the Colorado foothills

Located on a pine-forested ridge in the foothills west of Denver, the Evergreen modern home project set the bar for all Entasis work. When tasked with the project, Entasis knew they had to deliver the most innovative and leading-edge design to date. Careful consideration was given to the design and placement of this modern home, allowing the creative team to take full advantage of its hilltop location, solar orientation, and panoramic views.

The stunning views of the modern home’s hilly landscape were not ignored, incorporating an stone-bridge entry that reflects the rustic and natural atmosphere that surrounds it. A sweeping 30-foot cantilevered sky deck that overhangs the home maximizes the mountain views, bringing in the fresh air and serene sky.

The hilltop scenery was both a literal and figurative foundation for the modern home. A diverse blend of natural materials was implemented to mirror the natural beauty of the rolling hills that the modern home sat upon. Vast thermal slate walls, cedar, steel, and glass materials were used to compose the overall expression of both rustic simplicity and Colorado modernism. The soaring timbered ceiling appears to float over expansive glass walls, providing dreamy displays that are sure to impress and inspire. The open and spacious floor plan of the modern home gave homeowners easy access to every space, as well as guests and admirers. The modern home plan is setup in a fractured layout, which opens up the space and allows the natural scenery to be a shining moment of the design. The panoramic views on the outside are also plain to see inside, with natural views of the mountain landscape from every point in the home.

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