The Detroit

Featured in Luxe Magazine
Location: Cherry Creek | Denver, CO
Architect: Brian Ojala | Entasis Group
Builder: Aaron Ojala | Entasis Group

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A modern oasis hidden in the heart of Denver

This private oasis designed by Entasis Group is an infill project in the heart of Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado. Careful consideration was given to the placement of the home, due to the narrow nature of the site constraints.

Natural light was the driving force behind this Entasis design. Glass ceilings were used for the second floor and an opening on the floor was created to allow direct sun light to pass down to the main level. The sunlight cuts through the spaces at all times of the day, creating unique lines and shadow patterns inside the home. The material palette was a simple combination of concrete, steel, glass, marble, and wood to create a calm serene environment. All of the details, including the doors, stairs, stone patterns, built-ins, and trim were custom designed by Entasis Group. The main stair is a floating structure rising up 3 floors, creating a statement piece right upon entry into the home. The front door was also custom designed by Entasis Group, which measures 5’ wide on an authentic African Mahogany pivot weighing over 600 lbs. The home also opens up to numerous private courtyards facing west and south. The combination of the fire pit, pool, and water feature creates an integrated private oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

Photography: Ron Ruscio | Christian Ojala
This work is the intellectual property of Entasis Group, protected under copyright law 2017.

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